An Organisation with socio-cultural commitment

About Us

Panchajanyam is an organisation actively involved in the promotion of Arts, Sports and Culture. It started functioning in 1982 in the village of Thekkegramam in Chittur as a small library and is today affiliated to the Kerala Grandhasala Sangham and is rated as an A Grade library. Panchajanyam has also added a Reference Library section and this is the first such in Chittur. Panchajanyam believes in the increased relevance of appreciation of Arts and Culture as well as usage of the same as tools for progressive thinking in today’s society and works diligently towards enriching the life of the population at Chittur. We are also involved in promoting education and self-employment by providing school uniforms and professional education scholarships to the deserving and by providing financial assistance for self-employment.

Started in 1982 in Thekkegramam, Chittur
Started a small library in 1982
Started a sports club in 1982
Achieved Kerala Grandhasala Sangham affiliation as an E Grade library in 1985
Participated actively in the 100% Literacy Drive of the Kerala Govt in 1988
Initiated Panchajanyam Trust in 1998 to provide continued support to the organisation
Started constructing own building in 1999
Library started functioning in own building in 2002
Started the Education Support Scheme in 2004
Started the Panchajanyam Film Society in 2005
Started the Self Employment Assistance Scheme in 2007
First Panchajanyam International Film Festival held at Chittur in 2007
Library building extended in 2009

Improve social health through the active promotion of art, culture and secularism
Participate actively in the development of the community at Chittur
Support the financially challenged to take up professional education
Support school education
Help create self-employment opportunities